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Are you planning a long trip or tour for a large group? Preparing for a group outing is stressful enough, and a passenger van will ensure that dependable transportation is on less thing you have to worry about. And to further reduce your stress, we can make arrangements for the vans to be delivered to you anywhere in Florida and Southern Georgia for an additional fee. Contact us at 1-800-600-VANS (8267).

Still need convincing? There are a number of reasons to consider one of our van rentals in Clearwater or Jacksonville Florida. A passenger van will allow your group to stay together and keep from getting lost in multiple cars. Our vans are also a wonderful way to stay "green" with less fuel consumption. And traveling together will create a bond. Our vans are perfect vehicles for sports group, churches, scouting activities, family vacations, as well as film and TV productions.

Drive our vans anywhere in United States. We do not restrict you to a single state or geographical area like many other companies. We offer unlimited mileage when you rent one of our 12 or 15 passenger vans. Traveling to Canada?  Contact us for special arrangements. Our vans are allowed to tow small trailers too!

Vans For Sale

Need a new church van? We are always changing our fleet. We sell our vehicles to wholesalers, as well as, the general public. Need additional information, contact Michele Schildhauer at 800-600-VANS (8267)

If you need to rent a beautiful top of the line van in Clearwater, Jacksonville or Fort Myers Florida, give us a call!

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