Helpful Tips at West Coast Van Rentals in Florida

It?s important to remember that you don?t always need to have 15 passengers to rent a 15-passenger van. Since some of the seats are removable, this will allow you to transport your entire family and any bulky items you need to take with you.

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Not sure whether you need a 12-passenger or 15-passenger van? In addition to the number of seats, these also have different amounts of space, but a van rental expert can go over your needs with you to help you find the right size.

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Even if there are more than 15 people going on a trip, you can still rent passenger vans. In fact, it makes it an even better idea, since then, as many as 30 people can take two vans instead of cramming them into six or more cars.

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Are you picking up a client at the airport? Taking your personal car might not always give the best impression, especially if there's not a lot of room for luggage. Using a passenger van instead gives him or her plenty of room, and gives you a more professional look.


Are you traveling in a large group or need more room than a typical taxi, or multiple taxis? Van rentals are a great option that will allow your entire party to fit in one vehicle or provide the extra space a taxi can't.


Whether it?s a state fair, music festival, or any other kind of festival, going with a bunch of friends can be a lot of fun, so why limit it to just the festival? Renting a passenger van makes the whole trip that much more enjoyable.


Did you know that rental vans can take a little longer to come to a complete stop than cars or minivans? Since they are longer and normally wider than most vehicles you may be used to driving, it?s important to drive more cautiously to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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Camping trips are a great way to bring school groups, church groups, or other groups together, but getting everyone and their gear there can be tough. Fortunately, passenger vans can have the rear seats removed to have room for people and equipment at the same time.

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When the vehicle you own is only large enough to accommodate your household, you may find that your out-of-town guests always have to try to follow you to destinations. If you?d rather keep the whole group together, renting a van from West Coast Van Rental in Florida, can be a good option.

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After making an online reservation or an in-person reservation for a van rental, you should receive an email confirmation or physical reservation summary. Make sure you hold on to the agreement, keep it in a safe place, and have the proper contact information.

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Looking to be more environmentally friendly while you go on a trip? A good way to do that is to simply reduce the amount cars that you?re taking, and a good way to do that is to rent a 12- or 15-passenger van from West Coast Van Rentals in Clearwater and Jacksonville Florida.

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Rental vans are great for the amount of space they offer, but don?t forget to secure everything before your trip. Just like you and your passengers should wear their seatbelt, it?s a good idea to strap down cargo to keep it from sliding around during the trip.

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If your transportation company only has smaller cars and vans to transport people, you may find that not as many groups book your service because they don?t want to be separated. When you need a van that can accommodate more people for a short time, we?re always here for you.

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Does it ever feel like there?s always at least one person in your extended family who likes to drive much slower than everyone else? If you don?t want to waste valuable vacation time waiting for everyone to arrive, renting a passenger van can help you keep everyone together.

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Are you planning a church-group retreat in Florida? The trip itself can be a great way to bond with others in the group, but not if you?re crammed into a bunch of different cars. Renting passenger vans from Clearwater, Jacksonville or Fort Myers a great way for everyone to travel together